This is my torture room entrance. This is where I usually bring my victims. I make them eat cold, old, Mcdonalds leftovers. It's hell on earth. Lol jk

But this really makes me think of horror movies and bad ( is there any other kind?) serial killers. At this point I should probably say that I don't really dislike horror movies. When I saw this creepy entrance my first thought was "this is perfect. WHERE'S MY IPHONE?" It was buried in my bag.

After further outside appreciations, it appears that I did my job just right because that's exatcly what comes to the mind of at least one person which means that I'm not a lunatic. Or at least I'm not the only one. And that's good enough for me.

Now, this is me. Doing some homework. I recently signe in for a black and white film photography course. I usually don't let myself get caught in front of the cameras, but it was sunset and you can't really see my face. You see, cameras don't mind being held by me but they can't stand having me in front of them. You know, those moments when you look so damn good and that just has to be captured and then someone takes a photo of you and you look like you're drunk? That's me. I'm sure plenty of you can relate. 
Sometimes I see myself wishing I was one of those people who always, I mean ALWAYS look good on photos. Unfortunately, I think this is genetic. I come from a long line of people who don't really look good on photos. Can you imagine how difficult it is to make ONE decent family photo album? I just hope I don't pass it on to my children. Poor kids will deserve better. This is something I should take in account when deciding whether I should have children or not. Do I really want to bring children into this world just so they can go through their lives looking bad on photos?

Just kidding.

Camera Lucida - Barthes, R.


The Iphone has become my best friend. I don't always carry a camera, but I always have my Iphone with me. That's why most of my photos are taken with my Iphone. You have all you need: a good camera and editing apps. And this is amazing because now you're always prepared to register this and that wherever you go. 
But what if we get comfortable, then what?
So ask yourselves this: Is my Iphone making me lazy? Why would someone need to carry a huge camera that doesn't even have Instagram? (because that seems to be the main purpose of photography nowadays)

And then there's another question we can't avoid when it comes to Iphones: Is the Iphone going to put an end to the lives of millions of point and shoot cameras? Just wait and see.